In artist Gertrude Elvira Lantenhammers studio und showroom intermittent exhibitions on current, artitstic positions are held. Since 2000 every year the Summer Academy Schloss Homburg takes place.

Exhibitions / Events

August 20th - September 2nd, 2018

Supporting Program and Events to Summer Academy Schloss Homburg


August 22nd, 2018 6.00PM Round table zum Thema "from holding the threads..."
Philosopher / Author Bettina Schmitz
September 1st, 2018 5.00 PM "Arrival of the Ballonauts in Schloss Homburg",
an art project, Hubertus Wiendl
September 1st, 2018 6.00 PM Exhibition, Tour
introduction by the artists / instructors
September 2nd, 2018 3.00 PM Video And Performance Day
with Hannie & Jan van den Bergh, Sofia Greff, Mia Hochrein,
Dr. Magnus Kuhn, Samina Islam, Gila Stolzenfuß, Hubertus Wiendl.

21.-22. October 2017
  from 2:00 - 7:00 PM

Offenes Atelier 2017


Pickings Japan

Elvira Lantenhammer
Gäste :
Samina Islam, Pakistan; Francisca Derqui, Argentinien

Works, which have originated in Japan
by three artists who met in Japan.

09. - 10. Juli 2016

Open Studio ... Exhibition in Schloss Homburg am Main!


Opening times: July, 9th and 10th 2016 - from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM

Elvira Lantenhammer, Paintings
Guest: Thomas Kohnle, Photographer

15th - 28th August 2016

A Summer with Art ... in Schloss Homburg am Main!

Supporting Program and Events to Summer Academy Schloss Homburg


Aug., 17th 2016 6.00 PM Round table, thema zum Theme "What moves the art?
Revolution - Evolution - Change"

Philosopher / Author Bettina Schmitz
Aug., 20th 2016 8.00 PM "Hermes, the Gods Messenger", Performance with Gila Stolzenfuß
Aug., 20th 2016 9.00 PM Musenzopf - A Light Installation
Artist Johannes Kriesche
Aug., 27th 2016 5.00 PM Exhibition, walk around
Aug., 27th 2016 7.00 PM Barraque D'Dull Odde
Seminar / Lecture with U We Claus, FIU
Aug., 28th 2016 4.00 PM Video And Performance Day
with U We Claus (D), Dorette Jansen (D), Christos Syrmaidis (G),
Brygida Ochaim (D), Gila Stolzenfuß (D), Corinne Teed (USA),
Babette M. Vanloo (N).

17th - 30th August 2015

A Summer with Art ... in Schloss Homburg am Main!


Aug., 22th 2015 6.00 PM Imaginary historical portrait
Lecture on photography by Karin Nedela, Entrance fee: 5,- €
Aug., 22th 2015 8.00 PM Go Figure, Performance Dirk Baumanns
Aug., 26th 2015 6.00 PM Workshop discussion "philosophy and dance - Artistic Revolution 2"
with philosopher / Author Bettina Schmitz
Aug., 29th 2015 4.00 PM Exhibition, Walk Around
Aug., 29th 2015 5.00 PM When it gets dark, the eyes shine
Lecture Performance Gila Stolzenfuß
Aug., 29th 2015 7.00 PM Landscape with trees - the copses in the work of Joseph Beuys
Seminar / Lecture U We Claus, FIU

04th - 05th July 2015

Open Studio


July, 04th and 05th 2015 2.00-6.00 PM
Guest: Karin Nedela, Photography
Elvira Lantenhammer, Painting


18th - 31st August 2014

Summer and Art ... in Schloss Homburg 2014


Aug., 20th 2014 6:00 PM round table zum Thema ...artistic revolution. Philosophical Salon talking about the
connection between body and expression at the intersection of word and figurative art
with Dr. Bettina Schmitz, philosopher and writer.
Aug., 22nd 2014 4:00 PM Performance-Art - a logical step
A performative lecture by Roza Rueb
Aug., 23rd 2014 6:00 PM"Inanna - to the bottom of the elements"
In a new interpretation of the myth of Inanna Underworld Gang discover the three
Artists exciting links of suffering and love of life, with Lisa Kuttner / Dance,
Susanne Pfitschler-Schmitt / vocals, Bettina Schmitz / Text
Sneak preview of the new Performance Eintritt 10 Euro, erm. 5 Euro
Aug., 30th 2014 4:00 PM Exhibition, Walk Around
Aug., 30th 2014 5:00 PM Elemental Drawing, Performance Andreas Kloker
Aug., 30th 2014 6:00 PM Cut Ups, Footnotes for the "Friedenshasen" von Joseph Beuys, Lecture U We Claus, FIU

August 17th - September 1st, 2013

Summmer Academie Schloss Homburg 2013
Program of all events
Aug 17, 7 pm "The Five Cities Project", lecture Gabriele Juvan
Aug 23, 7 pm "Lilith", Performance Bettina Schmitz / Lisa Kuttner
Aug 29, 5 pm "Tower Dreams", Perfomance Vernita Nemec
Aug 31, 6 pm Reception of the Exhibition
             7 pm "Zunahme oder das holländische Dorf", Performance / Lecture Andreas Kloker / Gila Stolzenfuss
             8.30 pm "Night of All Souls", Action / Performance David Rodgers
Sep 1,   11 am "Zunahme oder das holländische Dorf", Performance / Lecture Andreas Kloker / Gila Stolzenfuss (Retake)
             6 pm "Night of All Souls", Action / Performance David Rodgers (Retake)

July 6 -7, 2013
daily 2 - 6 pm

OPEN STUDIOTage des offenen Ateliers 2011Tage des offenen Ateliers 2011
opening hours 2 -6 pm

guest: Ulrike Prusseit, Starnberg
painting, collage, mixed media "Kleid"

Elvira Lantenhammer
painting "Sitemap Places"

25. - 26.08.2012
11 AM– 6 PM

Exhibition "Sommerakademie Schloss Homburg"

Guests: Vernita Nemec und David Rodgers Performance, New York

"The Trail of Sighs and Whispers", Performance Vernita Nemec, inspired by the ritual of marriage and the age-old tradition of "walking down the aisle" told through Butoh movement.

"The Music of the Spheres", Performance David Rodgers,
with David Hartmann Würzburg,concerns the 16 th century astronomer Johannes Kepler and his encounter with the remarkable planetary and astronomical events of 2012.
This work will also be continued at the Stramu Music and Performance Festival in Würzburg later in September 2012


7. - 8. July 2012

Tage des offenen Ateliers 2011Tage des offenen Ateliers 2011Tage des Offenen Ateliers
opening hours: 14 - 18 Uhr

Guest: Ingrid Honneth, Bad Soden, Berlin,
Objekte: poetisch verfremdete Alltagsobjekte
und Schriftskulpturen
"Denk dran"

Elvira Lantenhammer, Malerei,
"Platz Orange"


12. - 28. August 2011

Tage des offenen Ateliers 2011

opening on Friday, 12.08.2011, 7 pm  
"kunst belebt"
Photography, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Artists/Instructors of the Summer Academy
Katrin Heyer,Würzburg;  Gabriele Juvan, Offenbach;  Gertrude Elvira Lantenhammer, Homburg;  David Rodgers, New York; Valentin Schwab, Karlstadt; Angelika Summa; Würzburg

Duration of exhibition: 13.08. - 28.08.2011, daily from 2 - 6 pm

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2. - 3. july 2011

Tage des offenen Ateliers 2011 Tage des offenen Ateliers 2011

open doors
opening hours daily from 2.00 - 7.00 pm
guest: Claudia Bauer, Linz
"Vergänglichkeit der Architektur"
Gertrude Elvira Lantenhammer presents
"lageplan central park"

17. - 18. Juli 2010

daily from 2.00 - 6.00 pm
guest: Elisa Baumgartner, Berlin
mit "Wish you were here" (working title)
G.E.Lantenhammer presents
Site Plan  Atelier I and II"


13. September – 12. Oktober 2008

Renate Anger, Berlin; Carlo Bernardini, Mailand; Helga Franke, Frankfurt/Triefenstein; Gabriele Juvan, Offenbach; Gertrude Elvira Lantenhammer, Homburg; Gila Prast, München; David Rodgers, New York; Jutta Schmitt, Würzburg; Valentin Schwab, Karlstadt; Nele Ströbel, München; Anna Tretter, Amorbach/Kosice; Thomas Wörgötter, Berlin/Wien
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9. September 2007 – 17:00 Uhr

Day of the Memorial („Tag des Denkmals”)


8. September 2007 – 19:00 Uhr

Kultur und Keller
On both days studio visits inSchloss Homburg with introductions to the work „Kopf und Plan“, presentation of the „Reliquien.Site plan“


14. – 15. Oktober 2006

daily from 2.00 – 6.00 pm


8. Oktober – 12. November 2005

„Thy quiet house”, Images and Poestry, Kevin Perryman


8. Oktober – 9. Oktober 2005

daily from 2.00 – 6.00 pm
Exhibition opening Kevin Perryman on Saturday, 5.00 pm; Tango with Cornelia Berninger on Sunday, 7.00 pm


16. Oktober – 14. November 2004

„Köpfe“, painting and sculpture,
Gertrude Elvira Lantenhammer


19. Oktober – 16. November 2003

Heinz Butz


21. September – 20. Oktober 2002

„Was zieht mir das Herz so?”
Images and objects, Petra Ober


27. April – 31. Mai 2002

„Landschaften” Christoph Drexler


26. Mai – 24. Juni 2001

„Italienische Fundstücke” Joachim Schlotterbeck


28. April – 20. Mai 2001

Pictures and Drawings, Carmen Jäckel


7. Oktober – 5. November 2000

„Landschaften”, Andi Schmitt


6. Mai – 3. Juni 2000

Paper installations Akiko Tomikawa
Ceramics in the Japanese Tradition Gudrun Paysen


4. Februar – 18. M�rz 2000

„Scholl & Scholl”
Ulla Margarethe Scholl und Ulla Scholl


2. Oktober – 3. Dezember 1999

„Bildwerke”, Katja Klussmann


15th Mai – 27th June 1999

„Kyoto”, Gertrude Elvira Lantenhammer