Fertile Imagination

Dorette Jansen & Ron Renfro Portrait

Figurative scultping, without a model only from imagination, with Dorette Jansen & Ron Renfro

Monday, 27th until Friday, 31st of August 2018
daily 11.00 AM -5.00 PM, Lunchbreak 1.00-2.30 PM
Participants: minimum *, maximum *

Fees: 350.- €
Additional cost of materials by usage (9 € per 10 kg clay)



Figurative scultping, without a model only from imagination... expands the expressive repertoire and enables the invention. Likeness is not the focus of the course but to venture beyond. The gesture, the story behind it, the expression of an emotion, or just plain being.
We will be sculpting in clay for 5 days and create small firable sculptures, which will be exhibited at the group display at Schloss Homburg.


Registration is by phone or e-mail and is mandatory because of the limited number of participants. The course fees are payable in advance, please transfer to following account

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Dorette Jansen & Ron Renfro
97450 Arnstein
Mobil: 017624548660